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EAS Security System

Security Scanner Anti-theft Gate

AM Systems, Labels and Tags
AM systems operate at the frequency of 58 kHz. The pedestals are typically installed 6 feet apart. It can be wall-mounted or hidden in walls or floors. The AM technology is less prone to ambient interference than RF technology. AM systems are widely used by apparel, sporting goods and hardware retailers.

Advantages of AM technology:
Extended detecting distance
More resistant to ambient noise
Systems can be customized for concealment in walls and floors
1) Plug and play, no external main box is needed.
2) Advanced self-check function, distinguish and filter external interference source effectively, no false alarm.
3) Transmitting antenna current: ≈0.56A
Receiving antenna current: ≈0.22A
Use the advanced digital signal processing chip (DSP) technology.
4) Single antenna can also work independently. Widest detection range is suitable for wide door installation.
5) Independently distinguish each passageway, antenna sound-light alarm.
6) Suitable for garment shop, high-end clothing shop.

Specification :








 Silver Grey



 Installation Method

 Ground Screw



 Environment Parameter

 Indoor   0-55℃

 Detection performance
 Modern design Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) System could integrate it into all kinds of retailing environments perfectly. More importantly, it can prevent shoplifting by its strong visual deterrence.

 DR Soft Label


 Hard tag




 Operating Voltage


  • Dimension                                     :        158 x 43 x 20 cm
  • Transmitting antenna current          :         ≈ 0.56A
  • Receiving antenna current              :         ≈ 0.22A
  • Voltage                                         :         110/200-250V
  • Frequency                                     :         58KHz
  • Temperature                                  :         0-55℃
  • Scanning frequency                        :         58KHz ±1KHz
  • Adjusting mode                              :         Remote control type
  • Testing width (DR label)                  :         1.4M
  • Working mode                               :         Channel type or Transceiver
  • Packing                                         :         15.7kgs/ctn
    EAS or Electronic article surveillance, is an anti-shoplifting system used by retail businesses where an electronically-detectable tag is attached to the item of clothing or merchandise. GCTL Security and Automation is supplier of anti-theft systems in Bangladesh security market. We Import and Distribute all Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) technologies include all kinds of security tags like AM hard tags, RF tags other special tags; every security labels like RF labels, AM labels, DR labels and other soft labels with high quality and workable price.
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  • Model: (EAS) Security Scanner Anti-theft Gate

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